«FERRY PLUS» Ltd offers the following service package:


We offer railway services, container services, TIR, as well as transportation of cars and deck cargo over the Black, the Caspian and the Baltic Seas.


Sea transport is one of the most popular, unexpansive and efficient means of cargo transportation over long distances. Such kind of shipment has a number of advantages in comparison with the other means (railway services, truck services and air services). Such kind of transportation is widely used by big international companies, engaged in trading and manufacturing, as well as by small companies.


Air services are one of the fastest and the most reliable means of cargo carriage. Air services overshoot truck or railway services by their speed. Owing to international air services you may considerably reduce terms of your cargo shipment from the shipper to the consignee.


Truck services are one of the most convenient means of cargo delivery that enables cargo to be forwarded from the place of shipment to the point of destination without its transshipment and transport swap. Truck services are indispensable when delivering groupage goods, over-dimensional or dangerous cargo. For transportation of specific goods by trucks there is a number of refrigerated semi-trailers, car carriers, oil tank cars, special platforms used for out of gauge equipment.


International railway services are one of the most reliable, reasonable and safe means of transportation. This type of transportation has number of advantages in comparison with air, sea or car services. Wagons almost do not depend on weather conditions, move fast and allow to calculate service cost meeting demands of every particular shipment. Nowadays international railway services rightly so occupy a niche in a sphere of freight forwarding.


Forwarding services are an important stage in a process of trade of large companies. The main aim of such freight forwarding services is to provide safety of cargo from external factors. While transportation constant monitoring is carried out as well as tracking of load movement. Forwarding services is a full service package, aimed at cargo transportation, its forwarding and proper filing of paperwork. Highly competent delivery service which offers similar service, directs its energy on providing promptness of cargo carriage, monitoring and its safety.


“Less than Container Load” (LCL) is one of the most highly-demanded kinds of shipment that allows small freight owned by different clients to be transported by one vehicle, paying only for the space occupied.


Customs clearance is one of the most important stages of intra-port freight forwarding, goods being exported from or imported to Ukraine. Customs clearance procedure is a necessary requirement for any cargo to cross the frontier. All goods that are imported to Ukraine and exported outside the frontier are liable to customs audit.


Cargo insurance is carried out according to international terms and conditions within CIS countries as well as worldwide to compensate for client’s losses in the event of cargo loss or damage when being shipped by all means of transportation.


Foreign trade activity includes different services which can attract a client that wishes to implement the particular branch successfully as well as to run sound export/import projects, maximizing profits and minimizing unprofitable human factor.