«Ferry Plus» Ltd is a freight forwarder and logistics company, offering freight services by all means of transportation, ensuring safe delivery, if necessary, providing customs support and legal affairs, tax and financial consulting.

Taking into account individual needs of clients, based upon partnership with leading shipping carriers and logistics center operators – a professional team of “FERRY PLUS” Ltd offers you the best delivery route, providing safety of your cargo and terms of delivery, following the principle “just in time” with the best value of costs, offering flexible pricing and using different financial tools.

When meeting client’s requirements “FERRY PLUSS” Ltd.:

- arranges and provides full package of transport and forwarding services;

- arranges, prepares and delivers goods by all means of transportation;

- arranges carriage of goods, establishing the best logistic supply chain, calculating and paying the freight and fees;

- provides informational support and monitors cargo carriage and wagons;

- establishes routes and delivery schedule, providing economical and technical justification;

- provides insurance service and safety;

- offers customs services;

- provides legal and consulting support for cargo owners, shippers and consignees.



We arrange cargo shipment, establishing the best logistic supply, calculating and paying freight and fees. We are aimed at forwarding and efficient registration of full-service package according to shipper’s requirements, complying with legal regulations of countries where delivery takes place.


We offer financial consulting and legal affairs to the cargo owners, shippers and consignees when ordering our logistic service, providing our clients with flexible pricing, using different financial tools.


Cargo insurance is carried out according to international terms and conditions within CIS countries as well as worldwide to compensate for client’s losses in the event of cargo loss or damage when being shipped by all means of transportation.


Combining different methods of shipment, we offer the best delivery manner, paying attention to the quality service, provided by transport enterprises and capable to satisfy existing or possible client’s needs.